2013 - State of the art

Last year was a busy year, I learned a huge amount, but Core Data and Grand Central Dispatch took way more time than I originally anticipated to research and implement. The core design and implementation for "Torino" is pretty much done, I just need to do a few finishing touches before adding all the fancy graphics needed to make the data easily accessible and visually interestng.

2013 is going to be a very hectic year, the iOS learning curve is looking more of a gentle slope and less like the imposing vertical wall that it did three years ago. There are still a lot of APIs that I need to master, not to mention all the new stuff that Apple adds at WWDC each year. But the upshot is that I am starting to understand the patterns and methodology behind iOS, Xcode and the various APIs and that is making each new topic a lot more understandable and far far easier to learn and implement. 

The plan therefore this year is firstly to finish "Torino" and get that shipping, once that's done working towards a game release is the next priority. A game will require a substantial investment both in terms of learning, but also in terms of our pipeline, luckily a lot of our visual effects knowledge can be put to good use along with our existing 3D and 2D software, all in all that's just going to make things a lot easier and a good deal cheaper. So here goes, its time to buckle up and enjoy the ride, 2013 here we come ...