2015 - State of the art

Having learned swift I am now ready to tackle our first fully Swift based game. I am aware that there are still issues with Swift and its associated compiler but hopeful that I will be able to work around these in parallel with updates from Apple.

This year marks somewhat of a turning point for Fuzzygoat, as a company we now have a solid focus on games development, a new development language and new development machines on order for mid january. Since 2009 we have diversified from a 100% visual effects (3D modelling, animation and rendering) based company to a 100% software development based company. Up until now our focus has been to learn the required tools and attempt to release applications that at the very least cover our costs. The focus for this and future years is to design and release games that return a profit, our next two games are already well into their design phase with initial development and prototyping already underway.